Prof Lee Catling

Black belt Second degree

Head Coach 


Prof Tom Wilson

Black belt 1st degree

  Prof Simon Riley

  Black belt 1st degree

Prof Adam Wilhelmy

 Black Belt

 Gracie Barra Southend would like to welcome Chris Search to our coaching programme. One of our most solid and respected members who has supported our academy for 10 years. Chris has been coaching the teens class and is doing a awesome job . Now he is pushing to become a coach and professor of Gracie Barra Jiujitsu. 


 Gracie Barra Southend Welcome Jonathan Fortis to Our new coaching training program . Jonathan has been helping coach in the teens class , and is now taking steps to become a fully qualified Gracie Barra coach . 

Brazilian Jiujitsu Essex

Prof Steve Wright

Black belt


Gracie Barra Southend would like welcome Mike Bewick to our coaching programme . Mike has decided to become a full time coach and competitor . We fill very lucky to have his imput in the academy . And help him fulfil his dream of his own academy.