The privilege of being a coach , sometimes I stop and think of what it means for people to take time to listen to what I have to say , and really humbles me . The formula of Martial Arts , something that builds confidence to stand up and not separate yourself but to bring together a energy, a method of connecting with people. Over a weeks training , I interact with so many people, from many different backgrounds and upbringings. I don’t know of many other things that do this over a extended amount of time . The amount of hours, over a 40 year career of Martial Arts , that I’ve been able to see and expose myself to the strengths and weaknesses we all have at points in time . At the moment iam on the train home , people watching , and theres a massive disconnect, everyone in there own world, some pretty angry looking people lol , Fill super blessed to have found Martial Arts, and the people around me . 🙏

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Mind set

I’ve been asked this alot over last few months, as theres been a big jump in the level of some younger guys at the academy. Some of the older higher grades are struggling to kept up . Or finding train