Mind set

I’ve been asked this alot over last few months, as theres been a big jump in the level of some younger guys at the academy. Some of the older higher grades are struggling to kept up . Or finding training very draining.

Something I’ve had to deal with as well , with the onset of age what is a reasonable expectation from myself. Maybe as a coach it’s a little easier because my role is to help and instruct.

One thing I always like to try to put across, is number one listen to your body . Look after any little injury with rest , and sensible rehab and future training.

If you’re getting on a bit pick your training partner wisely, no need for life and death training everytime your on the mat . Gain knowledge by breaking down your technique more , drill more to improve this .

Two finish, don’t have to full spar every training. Specific training is the king . Out of position reset .

Enjoy your training hit the mat with a passion for Jiujitsu, to learn and to pass to the next generation.

Have a great weekend 😎